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Land reborn

Documentary. "Co-existence with wildlife through a management program is the main theme [of this film]. Examples of deer and cattle at Grand Forks, Rocky Mountain sheep and waterfowl at Vaseux Lake, and recreational and forest industry requi...

Simon's road

Documentary. "The origins of the Fraser River and its influence on agriculture, past and present, are described." (catalogue description) Discusses the importance of planned development and co-ordinating land use demands along the rive...

A growing industry

Documentary. "From the tiny planted seed to the final home-cooked B.C Grown product, an intricate variety of changes occur. The entire food chain -- from farm to retail store -- is examined, with contributions from all major supermarket stor...

A pint a day

Documentary. "Milk is generally known as nature's most perfect food. As such, it is safeguarded with every care from the dairy farm to today's full mechanized dairy plant and the refrigerator at home." (catalogue description)

Round up

Documentary. "The glamour of the western movie overlooks the tough daily routine to be found on most British Columbia cattle ranches. The year-round operation of cattle drives, haying, branding, etc., is told by cattlemen Maurice Thomas of O...

[Flowers at Prestage's]

Footage. "Flowers at Prestage's; Ed Bland; Mrs. Medd, Mr. Taubeneck; Big Lake, Gordon Calam; Ed Schinkel; Russian hive; Norm Griffin; Prestage field day; Pemberton; Harry McCulloch; Hugh Gibbs; bees; flowers; swarm; apiary; beekeepers; q...

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