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The great London to Victoria air race

Documentary. Depicts the 1972 London to Victoria air race, including technical aspects, participants, aerial footage of passing landscapes, and official involvement, including the awards banquet at the Empress Hotel. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau...

The Queen's totem

Documentary. A special totem pole is created as a gift to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of B.C.'s centennial. Shows the selection and cutting of the tree on the Queen Charlotte Islands, the carving operation at Thunderbird Park, and the pre...

Agriculture today : [items and out-takes]

Television items. D. At Cawston, an entire unprofitable apricot orchard is cut down. The cut trees are shredded and dispersed as mulch. At Revelstoke, three deep wells are being drilled to provide water for irrigation and domestic use. E. Orch...

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