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Canadians at work, 1949-11-07

SUMMARY: Radio program with Bill Herbert, announcer, including comments by Cecil Clark (?), John Mackelvein (?), Peter Kelsberg (?), Jack Purdy (?), Frank Bradner (?), Kelly Irving (?), Jack White (?) and Roger Peachy (?), members of British Colum...

Introducing Prince Rupert

SUMMARY: Radio documentary program, first in a series of six, with F.E. Anfield (?), Indian superintendent, Henry Helene (?), Indian chief, and George Casey (?), Prince Rupert alderman, about: native people, Prince Rupert area; Prince Rupert, desc...

National Harbours Board

SUMMARY: Report by Bill Herbert, reporter, about: Vancouver Harbour and the National Harbours Board; with comments by A.E. McMaster (?), port manager and W.R. Mooney (?), chief signalman of the National Harbou;rs Board. Includes sounds from the ha...

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